I have more than nine years’ experience of practice in the area of architecture, landscape and planning . I combine research and practice in my projects with an aim of bridging the gap between academia and professional practice and creating an impact in the lives of our children and in society. I adopt a holistic approach in my practice and my projects link the design of place with art, psychology, education and health.

Is planning policy across UK nations child friendly? (APiC)

Children and Young People’s Place Standard Tool (APiC)

Rohingya Exodus: displaced children’s experiences of place in temporary settlements
2018-2019 (APiC and UCL)

INHERIT: Identifying ways of living, moving and consuming that protect the environment and promote health and health equity, a EU Horizon 2020 project,
2017-2019 (UCL)

An Outdoor Learning Environment in Tulatoli Government Primary School, Bangladesh, Co-design with children, teachers and the community (recipient of ASLA Honor Award 2017 and EDRA Great Places Award 2016)

An Outdoor Classroom in Kandapara Government Primary School, Bangladesh, funded by Committee for Advancement in Education and Research

New Building for IWFM at BUET, Palashi (CAF-BRTC)
Master plan of BUET and Conceptual Proposal for New Academic Building, BUET, Dhaka (CAF-BRTC) (Runner up in the competition)

Let’s Play, a playground for children in BUET residential area (CAF-BRTC)

Biswho Sahitto Kendro (World Literature Center) (Dwm4 Architects)
(Winning entry of design competition)