I am a public speaker, I share about my research and my writing on different platforms within and beyond academia. Here you will find my upcoming and past events.

Upcoming events

I will be speaking about the impact of school ground design on children’s play in the conference ‘The Power of Play’ organised by the Children and Childhood Network of Birmingham University on the 16th April.

The event is free and can be booked here

Past events

Can school ground design can improve children’s academic attainment and support their well-being?

I have shared the evidence from my research on how design and use of school grounds can improve children’s academic attainment, physical activity and wellbeing.
The recording is available here

Childhood 2050 Seminar series

Seminar 1: online research with children and young people

Wednesday, 24th February 2021, 13:30-15:00 (UK time)

This seminar will explore some of the practical and ethical considerations of doing online research with children and young people. There may be diverse reasons for doing online research with children – not only related to the current Covid pandemic – and the three speakers in this seminar will provide reflections on their own experiences of such research. There will be three 15-minute talks followed by up to 45 minutes of questions and discussion. We hope that this seminar will be informative and useful to anyone considering online research with children and young people.


Dr Susanne Börner, Marie Curie Global Fellow, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham & School of Public Health, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil: Challenges of digital exclusion during covid: rethinking participatory research with vulnerable young people in the periphery of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dr Matluba Khan, Lecturer in Urban Design, Cardiff University: Ethics of using online diary with children during coronavirus pandemic: Reflections from a multi-country study with children and young people

Dr Tom Harrison, Reader, School of Education, University of Birmingham: At the limits of what we know; research with children in the digital age

Outdoor Classroom Day webinar:

Getting outdoor play and learning on the agenda

Getting outdoor play and learning on the agenda is a webinar in response to children’s mental and physical health, connection to nature, and their academic learning have being affected by Covid-19 lockdowns around the world.

At this Outdoor Classroom Day webinar, policy leaders, academics and government representatives from Turkey, Australia, Scotland and Bangladesh shared how taking learning outdoors and improving playtimes is working to directly address the current challenges in their countries.

On this recording of Getting outdoor play and learning on the agenda, hear from Maree Todd MSP (Scottish Minister for Children and Young People), Griffin Longley (CEO, Nature Play WA and Outdoor Classroom Day lead in Australia), Şule Serter (Vice Chair of Active Living Association and Outdoor Classroom Day lead in Turkey) and Matluba Khan (Urban Design Lecturer at Cardiff University and co-founder of A Place in Childhood).