PhD Blogs

Dr Matluba Khan used blogging during her PhD research not only as a platform to interact with fellow colleagues on her experiences, achievements and frustrations but also as a tool to develop her research ideas, methodological strategies and process of analysis. She blogged during her field survey in Bangladesh and also during the tedious days of analysing data and writing the thesis.

She also wrote posts as a guest blogger for Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities , OPENspace Research Centre and .


A selective list of her posts in different media is as follows:

Khan, M (2016), Walking with the SGSAH: An Inspirational Experience, Part One

Khan, M (2016), Walking with the SGSAH: The ‘Thinker’ hat of mine, Part Two

Khan, M (2016), A different perspective on the issue to ensure children’s right to education, an article for the SGSAH policy stories blog

Khan, M (2016), Play+Design=Learning, a guest blog post at OPENspace research centre website 

Khan, M (2014), The Story of An Outdoor Classroom, article published in an online blog called (dialogue).

Khan, M (2013), Disaster management, an article published in the daily Prothom Alo, a leading daily newspaper in Bangladesh

Khan, M (2012), A class outside the classroom, an article published in the daily Prothom Alo, featuring on the outdoor learning environment project as part of my Masters research.