How gardening at school can tackle child obesity

Matluba Khan, Cardiff University Childhood obesity is a major public health concern in the UK. Surveys conducted in 2017 and 2018 showed that 28% of children aged from two to 15 in England were overweight or obese. Overweight and obese children have a greater chance of staying obese as adults. They are at risk of […]

Environment, Engagement and Education

This study investigated the potential of a primary school ground to be an effective learning environment and explored how the design of an outdoor environment can contribute to children’s learning. The study was conducted as part of the PhD research supported by the Principal Career Development Scholarship, Global Research Fellowship, Presidents Fund and Charles Wallace Bangladesh Trust.

Be brave! Share your research! Explorathon Researchers’ Night 2016

Chatting during PhD in an hour session at Explorathon 2014, Photo: Beltane Public Engagement Network Post graduate researchers are always in short of time. Three years is a very short time but PhD students always have more on their dishes. This often can keep them away from going in public, take the courage to share […]


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Hi, I’m Dr Matluba Khan, a landscape architect, pedagogue and a researcher of children’s places. I intend to share the findings from my research and practice, and my thoughts on making better places for happier and healthier children on this blog.

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