Every moment I think I have to make my father more proud and happier with my works and every moment I forget what to do, just start blaming him for leaving me behind while he flew to a world of more serenity and divinity. Being his daughter abides me with more precious responsibilities to make his dream fulfilled, to work for the children of my country, to do something that can contribute to their quality education, being grown up as a pure soul, better person and better citizen of the country….

Continually I am trying to boost me up with all the words I believe in, my father believed… Yeah, Its one year today and I just don’t know how this year passed, how I passed one year without hugging him, without listening his voice…Does he know how many stories are in my heart waiting to be uttered to him?…

He is with me all the time.. he lives in me all the time.. why there is still the vast emptiness? Why I want to touch him, want to see his sparkling eyes, want to be hugged…

I am so selfish, just think about myself, just think about my father but dont think about the people of my hometown who respect my father so much, who are in need of a mentor, a teacher who guides the children and also the teachers, a person who is a friend of everybody who is in need… How can I forget the respect and love for my dad that I saw in the eyes of hundreds of children waiting to take part in the namaze janaja of their beloved and respected teacher, the sorrow in the eyes of the parents – who will tell their children that English is such a nice language, no need to be afraid of….

Not only them but thousands of children of Bangladesh are in need of good teachers, enhanced learning environment, a better curriculum…How can I forget my duty and pass my time weeping all the time?… Yeah I need to be strong.. I need to concentrate on my work..on this very day I am taking oath- “Bazan, your daughter will make you more proud! Be with me! Be with me all the time!”Image

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